fbpx LASHIKA Range of Products was born in Canada: Introduced by BhandariGroup of Companies


Born in Canada, Crafted in India

LASHIKA was born in Canada and raised in India. We chose to create our product in Canada for one simple reason “Canada is ranked 4th in research and quality Worldwide” (2012 survey). LASHIKA has thus been crafted by the best to deliver the best in results.

LASHIKA was then brought to India. We spent a lot of time studying the Indian demographics and understanding the absolute distribution of skin types across various regions within India. The Indian Sub Continent has extremes of climatic differences from one state to another. We also realized that human skin behaves differently in each of this climatic condition.

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LASHIKA brought onboard multiple people to understand their day to day skin routine. We realized it is impossible for a person to accumulate so many different products for the seasonal changes and the travel. All India wanted was a solution that can work well on your skin through out the year.

Our “No Harm” Skincare range provides protection to your skin all year round across all climatic conditions.

The Lashika Promise…

We understand your skin is delicate. Thus we have formulated our products after intensive scientific research and using all natural ingredients. Our range of No Harm Skin Care keeps your skin healthy from within.
It is time to indulge in a Pure, Natural, Heavy Metal Free, Dermatologically Tested, No Harm Skin Care range!
Happy Skincare!