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Some of the Bold Stories

"Women over the years, have learnt to break the stereotypes. Women have debunked the gender myths to make their own way. Lashika was created to empower women who are not afraid to make the bold choices, who love themselves and take charge of their lives.

A modern day woman doesn't let the society define her beauty. She does not let color, size, shape and gender discrimination stop her. The Lashika No Harm Skincare stands as a testament to the power of self love, the #BoldDiaries.

Lashika No Harm Skincare encourages people from all walks of life to be the hero of their own tale, with skin that outshines any social norm and beauty that restores confidence!”


Nidhi Singh believes that beauty and self-love go hand in hand, balancing each other out. There is no beauty without confidence and Lashika No Harm Skincare has helped many , including her, reach their true beautiful self. #BeautifulOnYourTerms is no more a passing trend.

- Nidhi Singh

“Miss Trans Queen India runner up, Bonita Singh Rajput, believes that there is no body type which isn't beautiful because beauty is about feeling confident and comfortable in one's own skin. With Lashika No Harm Skincare, anyone can be #BeautifulOnYourTerms and love themself for who they are.”

- Bonita Singh Rajpurohit

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pavithra 2

"Pavitraa Sundar never let societal norms stop her from reaching for the stars. And with Lashika No Harm Skincare, she found the right skin-partner to always resonate her belief in #BeautifulOnYourTerms to herself and the outside world."

- Pavithraa Sundar

“Melita Saldanha always let her heart lead the way and as a result, never let the society define who she should be. With Lashika No Harm Skincare, she always promotes #BeautifulOnYourTerms to others who need the inspiration and push to live freely.”

- Melita Saldanha

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ranjani 1

“Ranjani Suri stands true to the fact that beauty is not about being young on the outside; it's about feeling youthful from within. No matter at what stage in life you are, be you and be #BeautifulOnYourOwnTerms.”

- Ranjani Suri

- Priya Acharya

“Priya Acharya, mother of three beautiful kids, believes that beauty does not lie in your facial features, nor does it lie in skin complexion. Beauty is about accepting and loving your true self. If you know what you stand for, you are #BeautifulOnYourTerms.”

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